What VR headesets are compatible with this software?

The software is compatible with the Oculus Rift, there are no plans at this time for supporting other headsets.

Are you using any vertical exaggeration in the videos/software?

No, everything is rendered to scale.

Is the colour of the surface accurate?

No, the image returned by the satellite is greyscale, false colour is added by the software. Also the fine detail texture which is only visible when walking on the surface is not real.

What is the resolution of the data you are using?

The height data has a resolution of 1 meter, the texture data has a resolution of 25 cm.

How big are the maps?

The maps vary in size but are approximately 14kmx7km

Are you using the HiRISE DTM data? If so can I download other maps from the HiRISE DTM website?

The datasets were derived from the HiRise DTMs but have been edited and compressed into a different format, and so Mars Explorer will not read native HiRISE DTM/image data.

Do you have any plans to support other platforms or O/S?

There are not plans at this time for other platforms or O/S.